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Topic: Safety Injuries

Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines: Sitting vs Standing Desks
By Alex Hoffmann on October 13, 2021

Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines: Sitting vs Standing Desks Work from home is here to stay! Big tech companies like Apple have been receiving pushback from employees who have come to...

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Static vs Dynamic Stretching: When and How To Add Them to a Workout
By Alex Hoffmann on September 29, 2021

When clients think of ‘stretching’ they may envision yogis contorting their bodies effortlessly. Others may flashback to grade school gym class, performing bouncing toe touches and...

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What Are Overuse Injuries and How Can You Avoid Them
By Dominique Groom on September 22, 2021

There is literally nothing worse than getting into the groove of an exercise program and suddenly feeling an ache or pain that you distinctly don't remember feeling before. Raise your...

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