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Topic: Lifestyle

Why Self-Discovery is Important for Every Fitness Leader
By Erik E. Wilkins on August 24, 2020

Why Self-Discovery is Important for Every Fitness LeaderSelf-discovery is more than just a passing buzzword. Self-discovery is a process we all have to go through to find our purpose,...

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Stress Management Tips and Techniques for Busy Professionals, Students, and Parents
By Alex Hoffmann on August 11, 2020

We can all use less stress in our lives. The 2020 Stress in America survey found that Americans report their stress levels at a 5.4, higher than in 2019 when stress levels were rated at...

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How to Teach Your Kids Athletic Skills at Home
By Alex Hoffmann on August 5, 2020

Watching your child learn new athletic skills and grow as they do is rewarding and exciting—your child is becoming stronger and smarter with each sport they play. 

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5 Summer Health Tips to Stay Fit at Home
By Jason Williams on July 29, 2020

Some things never change and, despite COVID, the classic summer health tips still stand—with a slight twist. With many gyms yet to reopen, and a global pandemic keeping you from your...

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