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Exercise Is Not an Important Stimulus for Brown Fat Activation
By Alex Hoffmann on December 9, 2019

The human body contains small amounts of a calorie burning tissue called brown fat (brown adipose tissue, BAT) that converts food energy directly into heat. White fat does the opposite—...

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HIIT for Health and Wellness
By Alex Hoffmann on December 2, 2019

Want to improve your fitness quickly, but don’t have a ton of time to spend in the gym? You may want to consider high intensity interval training. This intense but effective method...

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Citrulline for Health and Performance
By Alex Hoffmann on November 25, 2019

A review of literature by Arturo Figueroa from Florida State University and colleagues concluded that L-citrulline and watermelon reduces resting blood pressure, and chronic use may...

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High-Fat, Low-Carbohydrate Diets Promote Fatty Liver Disease
By Alex Hoffmann on November 18, 2019

Over two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. While excess fat accumulates in the abdomen and around the hips, it can also build up in the liver, which is the body's most...

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The combination of high cardiorespiratory fitness and high muscular fitness is positively associated with a better health-related quality of life.
By Alex Hoffmann on November 11, 2019

As advocates for creating a stronger and healthier world we are ardent supporters of the tremendous benefits of physical fitness for everyone.  Physical fitness is widely recognized as a...

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Eccentric training is more efficient in reducing fat mass than concentric training.
By Alex Hoffmann on November 4, 2019

Visit your local neighborhood gym or club and you will undoubtedly see people engaging in downhill running or walking, depth jumps, abdominal rollouts, etc. which are all exercises...

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Athlete Physical Literacy and Its Impact on Coaching Effectiveness
By Alex Hoffmann on October 28, 2019

In response to a global decline in children’s and adolescent’s physical activity participation, parents are looking for ways to foster lifelong exercise habits for their...

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Why Can't I Stop Eating Sugar?
By Alex Hoffmann on October 21, 2019

A recent study suggests approximately 75% of Americans eat excess amounts of sugar.  From cupcakes to pies to ice cream, sugar is found in many foods. I, like many of you, enjoy sweets....

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Grounding: fad or fantastic?
By Alex Hoffmann on October 14, 2019

As the cold begins to give way to the warmth of spring, there is nothing I enjoy more than walking barefoot on the beach, in the park or my backyard.  The act of walking barefoot in...

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Melatonin Helps Cut Fat
By Alex Hoffmann on October 7, 2019

Supplementing melatonin might promote weight control— according to the results of a study on mice by Italian researchers. Lean and obese mice were given melatonin or a placebo in the...

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