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Jessica Thiefels

Jessica Thiefels is the author of, 10 Questions That Answer Life’s Biggest Questions, podcast host of Mindset Reset Radio, and Founder of the Marketing From the Gut coaching membership. She's a former personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and has been writing for more than 10 years. She’s been featured in top publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur and has contributed to Shape, AARP, and more.
How to Build Your Nutrition Coach Business From Scratch
By Jessica Thiefels on August 4, 2021

If you want to build a nutrition coach business—now is the time to do it. According to the BLS, the job outlook for dietitians and nutritionists is higher than others, with an expected...

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10 Workout Hashtags to Reach Clients on Instagram
By Jessica Thiefels on May 18, 2021

If you want your workouts to stand out on Instagram, and actually reach potential clients, you need to use the right workout hashtags. That starts with dumping all the basics, like...

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10 Inspiring Female Bodybuilder Instagram Accounts to Follow
By Jessica Thiefels on February 15, 2021

These female bodybuilder Instagram accounts are about so much more than what you see. The top resolution for Americans in 2021 is to exercise more often, with 44 percent of U.S. adults...

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5 Tips for Sharing Your Fitness Journey on Social Media
By Jessica Thiefels on January 19, 2021

Your fitness journey matters. In fact, 5.26 billion social media accounts were exposed at one point or another to conversations or exchanges concerning wellness in 2019, according to ...

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10 Best Fitness Hashtags for Your Instagram Marketing
By Jessica Thiefels on October 26, 2020

If you’re on social media as a personal trainer or health professional, you know you need to use the best fitness hashtags to reach potential clients on Instagram. The question is: which...

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