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Dominique Groom

Dominique Groom is a certified ISSA trainer in personal training, youth fitness and corrective exercise, and adjunct professor for ISSA's College of Exercise Science and stay at home mother of three who strives to stay active as well as get others active. She has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports science with an emphasis in rehabilitation. Her passion is running and exercising and keeping her family active.
What Are Overuse Injuries and How Can You Avoid Them
By Dominique Groom on September 22, 2021

There is literally nothing worse than getting into the groove of an exercise program and suddenly feeling an ache or pain that you distinctly don't remember feeling before. Raise your...

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10 Best Exercises for a HIIT Leg Workout
By Dominique Groom on July 21, 2021

When running clients through a HIIT leg workout, you’re able to keep them engaged and working hard—but are you giving them variety as well?

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5 Undeniable Benefits of Circuit Training for Clients
By Dominique Groom on May 27, 2021

Circuit training is the perfect way to keep your clients interested in their workouts while still seeing results. This style of training allows clients to perform a variety of different...

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5 Tips for Creating a Summer Workout Plan That Drives Results
By Dominique Groom on April 21, 2021

A summer workout plan can do more than help clients get and stay healthy and fit this summer. It can be the start of a healthier lifestyle because, with more exposure to the sun, people...

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The 30-Minute Ab Workout Busy Clients Will Love
By Dominique Groom on March 16, 2021

Don’t scoff at a 30-minute ab workout. Not only is a short, quick burn enjoyable for clients but with the right exercises, the results they desire can be achieved as well. What’s more,...

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Overtraining Recovery and Avoidance: How to Support Your Clients
By Dominique Groom on December 10, 2020

Overtraining recovery and avoidance is a key part of your job. While it can seem counterproductive to tell your client to slow down, in many cases it’s needed and will ultimately support...

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Winter Workout Plans: How to Make them More Effective for Clients
By Dominique Groom on November 17, 2020

Between holidays and cold weather, winter workout plans are the first to go out the window when clients are feeling unmotivated.

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How Much Cardio is Too Much? Don't Sabotage Your Client's Fitness Goals
By Dominique Groom on October 12, 2020

How much cardio is too much? It’s an age-old question that trainers and fitness enthusiasts have asked many times. While the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, also called aerobic...

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How to Study Anatomy as an Exercise Science Professional
By Dominique Groom on September 14, 2020

It’s an unavoidable reality that you’ll need to learn how to study anatomy if you want to be an exercise science professional—it can be one of the more challenging subjects to study. Yet...

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